"Millions Die For Honey Making" Demo

by Crazy Bomber

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"Recorded June/July 2006 in the Lard Pit and Mixed August/September 2006 in Stu's room.

Music and meaning above money
No fucking copyright - reproduce at will." - 2006 Notes

"Rights to this release are retained by the international DIY hardcore conspiracy for mass decentralized reproduction and distribution. All proceeds to be used to sustain the conspiracy. No rights granted for capitalist reproduction and distribution.

This art stands as it was released in 2006. However, the lyrics appear here as they are in 2014 with notes where changes have been made." - 2014


released September 1, 2007

Guitar/Bass/Vocals - Stu
Drums/Vocals - Leezus

All songs by Crazy Bomber except G.I.S.M. cover by G.I.S.M.




Crazy Bomber Peterborough, Ontario

Hardcore against hierarchies, hardcore for liberation.

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Track Name: Work Hard Die Poor
Destined to live a life in debt
Working shit jobs to throw our money away

Work hard, Die poor
Work hard, Die poor

An overwhelming sense of powerlessness
Birth through death owned by the market

Work hard, Die poor
Work hard, Die poor

Production consumption production consumption
Production consumption production consumption
Destruction destruction destruction
Track Name: Texas Oil Wealth Massacre (Extended Version)
Iraqi children flee for their lives
US Soldiers run them over with tanks

Can we call this liberation?

POW’s subjected to torture
Sex abuse and humiliation

Can we call this liberation?

Meanwhile rich bastards bathe in money
Oil and bloody money

Can we call this liberation?
Track Name: Domestic-Hate
Numb is your body, numb is your brain
About to expire
Day after day of employable shame
Extinguished the fire

Hope - Gave way to hopelessness

Sacrificed all for the almighty job
But more so your family
Twenty years on and your wife's moving on
The death of the fantasy

“Love” - Gave way to bitterness

You never forgot who you were
This merely compounded the shame
Once stood so tall in the crowd
Until you succumbed to the game...

Broken heart
Broken mind
Track Name: July 21, 2001, Scolastico A Diaz
In the school they slept
Awoke by commotion outside

Into the school charged the police
Pools of blood and humiliation

93 people arrested
60 of which, straight to hospitals

Shattered bones and bloodied bodies
The terror continued once in holding

In unofficial holding cells
Victims of a G8 police state
"Who is your government?" (Italian police officer)
The captured respond "Polizia"

Goose-step lawmen
Global trade
Agreements made
Signed in blood.

Against dissent
Show no mercy
Squash resistance
Before it takes hold

In business suits they inflict violence
From conference rooms they command silence
In business suits they inflict violence
From conference rooms they command silence

This song is specifically about an incident that took place in Genoa, Italy during the July 2001 G8 meetings. Many are aware of the police killing Carlo Giuliani, but less are aware of the police attack on the independent media centre located inside Scolastico A Diaz on July 21, 2001.

A succinct summary of the incident and police impunity:
Squires, Nick. "Italian court sparks outrage by clearing 16 senior policemen in G8 Genoa Case". Telegraph, November 14, 2008.

More testimonials:
Eddie. "Italy, genoa nightmares". A-Infos, July 28, 2001.

Blair, Johnathan Norman. "Norman's statement about his arrest in Genoa". A-Infos, July 30, 2001.
Track Name: Tyrants Hang In Gibbets
Oil rapists on skeletal thrones
Masturbate with human blood
Destroy the world with orgiastic lust
Suits conceal demonic features
Masquerade as goodly Christians
Above all law, accountable to none
More and more I sleep, more and more I dream

Dream of a time
When tyrants hang in gibbets

Time to suffer, time to pay
Hollow tyrants have had their day
A cage for those who’ve caged the world
Time to hang, time to hang

Tyrant hang in gibbet (x3)




Total metal hyperbole.
Track Name: Commode-ified By Capitalism
I don’t want to go through life
Anesthetized to the pain
Thrust upon us everyday
Too tranquilized to fucking see

The masters with their money
And all their power games
I want no part of it.

No…they will never give us freedom!
This… system is exploitation!*
They… live a life of luxury!
While… we work our fucking lives away!**

Day after day no fucking change
I want to escape I’m tired of being “waged”***
Freedom will come when all else is lost
And "work" up the courage to "fire" the boss****

"Turned into a toilet by Capitalism".

* - This... system is enslavement!
** - While... we slave our fucking lives away!
*** - I want to escape I'm tired of being raped
**** - We throw off these shackles and murder the boss

Hyperbole is the use of exaggeration as rhetorical device in communication.

Likening wage exploitation to slavery and rape to evoke strong feelings of opposition to capitalism is hyperbole.

And it diminishes the seriousness of these completely separate experiences.

It also uses these experiences of domination and oppression in support of anti-capitalist struggle while failing to address other social hierarchies that relate to these experiences such as white supremacy***** and male supremacy / patriarchy******. Which could produce the impression that the struggle against capitalism is central.

So in the interest of reflexivity the lyrics are changed.

*****white supremacy, a legacy of slavery and colonialism in some places including North America - a "construct" (with no biological basis) constructed for social control...

******male supremacy / patriarchy - with rape and sexual coercion as an integral means of social control and the reproduction of patriarchy...

The descriptions above are mere starting points for learning about the social hierarchies white supremacy and patriarchy and I recommend seeking diverse perspectives on these subjects.
Track Name: (G.I.S.M.)
The title of this song is "Tere Their Syphilitic Vaginas to Pieces". It was written by Japanese punk legends G.I.S.M. We recorded our version of the song in 2006.

At that time we were not very thoughtful about the title and not very thoughtful about the potential lyrical content of the song (we had no idea what the lyrics were at the time and Leezus merely grunted noises approximating words except where the title appears in the song).

We are against hatred and violence against vaginas (or penises, or anybody's genitals, whatever they choose to call them) , and the people they belong to.

We support consensual sex and relationships, kinky or not.

We support self-determination of sex and gender identities.

We encourage punks (and people) to be reflective (and critical) and reflexive (open to changing what no longer works).