"A Different Kind of Insanity" Demo

by Crazy Bomber

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"Recorded 2008, remained unreleased until 2010 due to recording/mixing issues." - 2010 Notes

"Rights to this release are retained by the international DIY hardcore conspiracy for mass decentralized reproduction and distribution. All proceeds to be used to sustain the conspiracy.

No rights granted for capitalist reproduction and distribution.

This art stands as it was released in 2010. However, the lyrics appear here as they are in 2014 with notes where changes have been made." - 2014


released December 31, 2010

Guitar/Vocals - Stu
Bass/Vocals - Kev
Drums/Vocals - Leezus

Recorded and mixed by Crazy Bomber.




Crazy Bomber Peterborough, Ontario

Hardcore against hierarchies, hardcore for liberation.

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Track Name: Cataclysmic Cat-Shit Conundrum & Capitalism Must Die (So We Can Live)
Coerced by food and rent*
Dependent on work, our lives are spent
Toiling and restrained
From reclamation, the laws of state**
We're told protect us from ourselves
But experience indicates
Freedom a state could never give
And capitalism must die so we can live

LIVE (x 8)

The only chance for power
Is when you get to the top of their ladder
Control, the boot in your back
Is your boot in the back of another
From boss or cop, to worker, to lover
To child, to pet, to environment
Freedom a state could never give
And capitalism must die so we can live

LIVE (x 8)

The deluded still proclaim
That change can come from within the state
I reject this claim
This system's made to self-perpetuate
If we weren't governed by fools
I'd still reject their claim to rule
Cause freedom a state could never give
And capitalism must die so we can live

LIVE (x 8)

*Enslaved by food and rent
**From reclamation, the chains of state
Track Name: Texas Oil Wealth Massacre
The US continues to ravage Iraq
Its soldiers come home insane and in body bags

Can we call this liberation?
Track Name: Authority Part 1
Hierarchy's unnecessary
Destroy all authority
Power is poison
Guarantees corruption

Hierarchy is divisive
Because it gives power
To one person
Over another

When imbalances of power exist
Corruption of both is inherent
One person subject to obey
The other in a privileged position

There is no higher authority than oneself
No higher authority than oneself

Equal interaction negated
Corruption inevitably breeds resentment

There is no higher authority than oneself
No higher authority than oneself

Resentment contributes to a cycle
Of bitter authoritarians in waiting

There is no higher authority than oneself
No higher authority than oneself

The cycle will go on and on
Until we consciously disengage ourselves from it.
Track Name: Domestic-Hate
Numb is your body, numb is your brain
About to expire
Day after day of employable shame
Extinguished the fire

Hope - Gave way to hopelessness

Sacrificed all for the almighty job
But more so your family
Twenty years on and your wife's moving on
The death of the fantasy

“Love” - Gave way to bitterness

You never forgot who you were
This merely compounded the shame
Once stood so tall in the crowd
Until you succumbed to the game...

Broken heart
Broken mind
Track Name: Pain Of Life
Darkness descends - Pain of life
"I am gods lonely man" - Pain of life
Alienation - Annihilation
Pain of life - Pain of life

Living is killing me, can't seem to cope
Existing feels futile, losing all hope
Of will to endure it seems I’ve been robbed
I want to give in and finish the job.

I don't know what's going on inside of me
I feel like a ship sinking into a sea
Pain of life – suffer in misery
Pain of life – suffer with no escape

"To feel alone is to be alone".
Track Name: Hunger Strike
Everything I fucking buy
Is dripping with blood (of)
Victims of convenience
My money fills guilty pockets.

Today I chain you to
Your fucking shelves
And burn your fucking
Marketplace to the ground

I’ll fucking starve
Before I give you
One more cent of
My dignity.

NOTES (2015):
This song is sort of a fantasy. I don't think that withdrawing our individual productive, consumer or even communicative/cultural capacities from capitalism, or any other system, will eliminate it/them.

The systems merely steam-roll onwards, while we sit back with self-righteousness and self-congratulation and lay responsibility for their continuation on those who buy the wrong thing or make whatever other wrong personal choice. Is there another way?
Track Name: Patriarchy
Man's man, Piece of fucking shit
Head full of poison
With words and fists and sex as a weapon
Enacting their program

Designed to maintain womens’ subjugation
To sexualization
And all are restricted by normalized hetero
Sexual relations.
Doing it all to live up to the role
The role, the role that they gave you.
Too much of a coward to ever reject
The role that they gave you

Man's man, piece of fucking shit
Head full of poison
Act to maintain womens’ domination
And exploitation.
So insecure, so disrespectful
So fucking hateful
So much fucking shame to think I’m the same
Cut your own fucking throat!
Track Name: Voice Of Treason
Reject your culture
Reject your privilege
Reject your gender
Reject religion

Voice of Treason

Question racial superiority
Question male superiority
Question human superiority
Question everything

Voice of Treason

No tolerance for fascism
No tolerance for sexism
No tolerance for racism
No tolerance for homophobia

Voice of Treason

It is not “punk rock” to embrace the worst characteristics of the dominant culture.
It is not rebellious to react to a so-called politically correct trend.
You are not swimming against the stream in an oppressively dogmatic subculture
You are working in collusion with the systems we are trying to end.

NOTES (2015):
For some folks, affirming culture, religion/spirituality, gender, may be a source of strength and I don't mean to undermine or diminish that.
When I wrote the song I was a lot less aware of my own position, and a lot less aware of how other people may have a different relationship with culture, gender, spirituality, etc... It's educational as well to engage with my own premises underlying the writing of the song.

My target audience for this song is, to a great degree, myself and people like myself - white, settler, cis-male punks who in reaffirming commitment to and identifying with their culture or ethnicity, gender or religion are committing to and identifying with racism and white supremacy, patriarchal forms of masculinity and hierarchical religions - all of which are contingent on the domination of other people.