Your State's Not Great (Unmastered)

by Crazy Bomber

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This iteration of "Your State's Not Great" is a digital-only preview for our upcoming demo "Anarchic Heavy Metal Super Beast". This song is unfinished, and unmastered (which means it's not as loud as we hope it will be when it's done). We plan to release it sometime this fall.

If you disagree with or want to discuss our lyrics, please contact us directly via the contact link on the panel on the right.


Your State's not great
Your State's not great
Drop the patriot act*
And accept the fact
Your State's not great

Your State's not great
Your State's not great
Till the anthem's complete
Glue your butts to your seats
Your State's not great

The borders of empire are treated as given
And natural and hard as the walls of its prisons
But empire's imperative is war and expansion
The 'maple leaf' flies over land that is stolen.

THAT'S you're State

Conquest condoned by the myth of this nation,
The sword and the shield of all fucked-up relations.
We're kept cowed and docile in moral negation.
It's end, and the means, is self-determination.

THAT'S you're State

Flag? Burn it.
Anthem... singing
Slaughter. Nation.
State. Pride.

Fucking hubris.

*Or alternately the Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015.

For context, the three in CxBx are settlers in Nogojiwanong ("the place at the end of the rapids" in Anishinaabemowin), the territory of Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee peoples.

"Your State's Not Great" is a philosophical and political disagreement with not only the concept of the state, statism, all government and it's attendant multi-faceted forms of coercion and domination, but a rejection of the country Canada, it's government and police and in particular its colonialism and imperialism.

We support self-determination and sovereignty for peoples, communities and Nations who have experienced and are experiencing the violence of Canada's colonialism and imperialism.


released September 26, 2016
Recorded spring 2015 to spring 2016 / edited and mixed spring 2016 at New Lard Pit Studios by Leezus and Stu.

Guitar & Vocals: Stu
Drums & Vocals: Leezus
Bass: Pat

"Gang" Vocals: Stu, Leezus, Pat, Paul, Riley.

Lyrics by Stu and Leezus.




Crazy Bomber Peterborough, Ontario

Hardcore against hierarchies, hardcore for liberation.

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